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In a nutshell, or what we offer.

Создание интернет-магазинов

Creating online store

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           We build, fill, run online stores on paid, free CMS. It is also possible to create a self-written store. Filling with product cards. Connect the cash register to your store. Setting up advertising campaigns.                                                                                                                                                                                  

Создание корпоративных сайтов, визиток, лендингов.

Creation of corporate websites, business cards, web links.

We make for you a landing page, online business card, company website, a portal on a paid and free CMS.
Perhaps the creation of self-written site. Filling and maintenance of the site. Setting up advertising on Yandex Direct and Google Ads.                                                              

Создание, продвижение и ведение ваших аккаунтов в социальных сетях.

Creation, promotion and maintenance of your accounts in social networks.

We start a page, a group for you in social networks. We are engaged in maintenance and promotion of your pages and groups. Setting up advertising campaigns.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

домен и хостинг

Domain and hosting

We help with the choice of domain name and hosting, which is best suited to your needs.



We conduct an in-depth analysis of your niche. We give recommendations on the promotion of the site.



We register your sites in Yandex and Google. We set up and run an advertising campaign.




After submitting an application and receiving a brief for development, we begin work on analyzing the timing and cost of the site. We help with the choice of domain name and hosting.

Website development time

Terms of site creation are determined by the terms of the Brief and may be reduced by mutual agreement of the parties (if possible). However, some connected services may slightly increase the terms.


You send us a Brief with a full description of what you want to see on your new site. You can write it in any form or give examples of third-party sites.

Contract and payment

After the technical issues are resolved, we sign a contract with you. At the beginning of the work you make an advance payment of 50% of the cost of the work.

Work in progress

After receiving the prepayment, we start working on the creation of your site. You, in turn, provide us with the necessary materials, texts, files, photos in a timely manner.

The site is ready

We provide you with the site layout, after approval we fill the site with content. After approval of the draft, we publish the site online. You pay the rest of the amount.

Details of the interaction

Getting Started.
Domain. Hosting. Briefing. Contract.

We are engaged in the selection of domain names for the site, based on the niche of your business. It is desirable that the name would be short, without a hyphen, numbers and letter gibberish. We register our domains here. Hosting choose guided by the volume (weight) of the site and the tasks facing him. For example, landing page does not need a hosting with the "crazy" configuration for $15 a month. What can not be said about the online store.
Detailed Brief is our guide and helps to understand what you want to see on your site, what functionality it should have. After we discuss all the nuances together, we sign an Agreement with you and start assembling the layout.

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We try to avoid increasing the cost of the work prescribed in the contract.
Payment is made in three stages. Prepayment of 50 percent. Intermediate payment of 15 per cent after approval of the layout. Final payment after acceptance of the site. We try to carefully determine the cost of our services, that the amount of the contract did not increase during the work. Purchase of domain, hosting services and software licenses (paid CMS) is made separately (prescribed in the annex to the contract).

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Advertising campaigns

Setting up and maintaining advertising campaigns in Google Ads or Yandex Direct.
We set up advertising campaigns based on your planned budget. We do an in-depth analysis of competitors, search phrases, set up ads. We optimize the cost per click. Reduce the cost of the bid. Monitor the analytics during the course of your campaign. Making necessary adjustments to settings. Full accountability at every stage. In addition we can offer alternative ways of advertising.

Social media

  • We create pages of your presence in social networks:
    FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter, Lincedin, Flickr, Behance, VK and others.
  • Fill it with original content. We will take over the full maintenance of your pages, communication with your subscribers.
  • Let's set up and run an advertising campaign (optional).
    Bring subscribers.
  • The cost of our social networking services is approximate. It all depends on what you want to get in return.



From $800


One-page, landing page. Up to 10 blocks. Urgent production in 24 hours will add another 50% to the cost. Additionally we can install services: "Chat" and "We'll call you back". Payment services. The term of making 1 week..

From $1200


Website of 5-10 pages, which is worthy to represent your business on the web. In addition, we can install services: "Chat" and "We'll call you back". Connect any services and payment systems. Lead time up to 2 weeks.

From $2000


Corporate website, portal. The number of pages is unlimited. Additionally we can install services: "Chat" and "We'll call you back". Connecting any services and payment systems. Lead time-from 1 month.

From $3000

Online store

Will you have a large or small store, the choice is yours.
The number of pages is unlimited. Installation of any services and attachments. Connecting paid and free services. Filling the goods on a turnkey basis. Lead time-from 1 month.

From $400

Site Support

We take the full editing of the site ourselves. Maintaining the site, publishing new articles or texts, collecting analytics, marketing, conducting promotions, etc. From you only timely content.
The cost is for 1 month.

From $500

Setting up ads

We set up advertising campaigns, taking into account your planned budget.
We do in-depth analysis of competitors, search phrases. We set up ads. Further maintenance Campaign $350 per month

From $500


Creating a page/group (per unit).
Customization and design. From 15 posts per month (content is yours). Analytics, analysis of competitors. Setting up an advertising campaign. Maintaining groups, marketing.

From $5000

All inclusive

This offer includes the creation, maintenance of your site, setting up advertising.
As well as the creation and maintenance of groups in social networks. Work with clients who come from the site or social networks.


You can send a Callback request or send your message through the form.

*You are very important to us, all information received will always remain confidential.